The birth of our school ministry was the result of the strong conviction of our church for today’s youth to have the opportunity to enjoy academic excellence in a Christian atmosphere.  We believe that our children need a complete and balanced education.  The spiritual, mental, and physical facets need a proportionate amount of inspiration, instruction, and attention to truly educate the student.  Our vision is to help the home and church complete this person in Christ.

KWCS is a ministry of The King’s Way Baptist Church led by Pastor Joe Hayman.
Some of the ministries of The King’s Way Baptist Church are…

At KWCS, we strive to place a spiritual emphasis in all that we do.  In every classroom, Kindergarten through the 12th grade, we incorporate character building concepts into our daily curriculum.  Every Wednesday, our students attend chapel services.  We begin every school year with an Opening Revival that is open to the public.

We encourage our graduates to attend Christian colleges after they graduate from KWCS.  We feel the spiritual instruction and guidance children receive at KWCS prepares them to make decisions and to take the next step in their lives.